Get Better Grades

The necessary tools for your high-school and higher education. Develop powerful learning skills to help you achieve better grades.

Aim for Higher Education

Develop yourself and explore the subjects you like. Compete at higher standards of education and learn how to remain at the top after graduation.

The Dynamic Mind Approach

Our three-pronged approach ensures you understand the purpose behind all techniques and use your new skills daily.


Gain more knowledge by increasing your ability to take in more information, at a rate faster than you thought possible. Read books and articles with minimal effort.


Elevate yourself by learning techniques to increase your wisdom and be more empathetic. See the world from different points of view.


Maintain your intellectual relevance and broaden your horizons with our multidisciplinary approach to understanding the world.

The Workshop

The five-day workshop helps you unlock your learning potential with creative and individualized exercises. You will emerge with new skills and abilities to tackle most learning situations with ease. We teach a methodical approach to learning that will change your life and the way you see the world.

Mind Organizer
  • Sensory Awareness: Improve the way you hear and see the world around you. Sharpen your senses and understand your feelings.
  • Powerful Goals: Create and achieve useful objectives to help you succeed in your life. Learn how to properly formulate the most powerful goals.
  • Mind Mapping Mastery: Organize your ideas, learning, and life the way that works for your brain. Memorize and understand complicated material.
Learning Mindset
  • Genius Learning: Access your inner genius to learn better and solve problems with ease. Develop your ability to think out of the box.
  • Learning Rhythm: Control the speed of learning and understanding of new material.
Communication Power
  • Charismatic Rapport: Connect with others and get your point across fast. Enable people to like you and be open-minded about your ideas.
  • Internal Communication: Access the abundance of your inner mind more readily and learn how to harness it. Improve your ability to make clearer decisions.
Personality Builder
  • Personal Empowerment: Access your motivation in a sustainable way. Make every decision last and have a positive impact on your life and others around you.
  • Instant Wisdom: Approach situations with wisdom and maturity. Solve problems with a winning mentality.
Dynamic Reading
  • Dynamic Reading: Read and understand written material 3 to 5 times faster. Learn and remember subjects in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

How I Created the System​

I created the system after 20 years of research and training, when I found that each person has a unique way of learning.  Each one of us experiences the world differently. Subjects also differ in type, depth, and width, therefore, everyone has a different way of learning different subjects; the possible techniques to teach are endless. I could see people around me struggle with learning large volumes of information from books and reference material.

The solution was to develop a system, where the individual learns how best to use their own abilities, accessing the ‘machine language’ of their own brain. I modeled and tweaked the best techniques I could find, and put them together in an easy to follow system. Since the material was different for each person and there was a wide range of disciplines, I designed the system to be multidisciplinary.

The system enables the individual to have an edge over others when it comes to learning extremely quickly and applying what they learn.

It is a solid approach with measurable results.

“From the first day of the workshop I was skeptical about my progress, however, I could clearly see my reading speed increase. By the end of the of the workshop, I was reading much faster and understanding more.  “
– Jerry W.

“This workshop is not just about learning fast because the personality builder really changed my life. I do things differently now, I know I can achieve more in my life. This is not a regular reading course, it’s  much more. Thank you Anwar “
– Ramy K.

“I wanted to get more clarity in my life, my self esteem needed a push and Anwar’s workshop helped. It felt like he was teaching me alone as everything he said was related to my needs. Now, I read more and feel more empowered . “
– Johnathan Y.

Your Trainer

With over 20 years of experience in NLP, training, and advanced learning, I will help you find the hidden learning skills and abilities within you. I put together, into a carefully designed system, the best techniques I used in teaching hundreds of people. You can now learn how to tap into you full potential and reach new levels of success. 

Throughout my career in academics, sales training, and continuous improvement, I always found a way to guide students to access parts of their brain that have not been used since childhood. I worked with individuals to create lasting change in their life.

Allow me to help you discover you inner genius.

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